Holistic Interior Design

This service is for client’s looking for a new approach to designing interiors based on holistic / humanistic principles where well-being is incorporated into the design process. Holistic interior design would be ideal for a health spa, healthcare facilities e.g. doctor’s surgery, dental practice, veterinary practice, treatment rooms, meditative spaces, retreat centre, hotel etc.

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Graphics, Website Design, Brochures & Branding

As well as designing your interiors we can help you create new graphics, website, menu design, brochures and help with creating a new brand for your business or organisation.


Lighting Design & Special Effects

We believe that lighting forms a very important part of any design scheme. A well designed interior space will be ineffective if poorly lit. A high proportion of time is devoted to developing the lighting design on each project to maximise functional and mood requirements.

Good design has a psychological effect on people's attitudes, emotions and behaviour. It is a visual form of communication.