Creative interior design consultancy

We specialise in interior design, interior architecture and branding for offices, restaurants / hospitality and the healthcare sector.

Restaurant, Bar + Café Interior Design

We can help you create an exciting new restaurant interior, bar / Café design or refurbish your existing premises to entice new custom and give your customers a good leisure experience.


Office Design, Receptions, Space Planning

We can help you create a new office interior, refurbish your existing office, make it more space efficient and design a welcoming new reception for your business or organisation. We have experience designing offices in London, ranging from corporate headquarters for lawyers and financial companies through to marketing suites, charitable organisations, media and consultancy offices.



Our philosophy is to provide excellent personal service for our clients who are looking for innovative, imaginative, functional interiors, which positively enhance the development of their business. We support an ethical sustainable business model where humanistic and wellbeing principles are integral to our design solutions.

Design with integrity lays the foundation for an authentic business model