Holistic Interior Design / Interior Architecture

Our design philosophy is wherever possible to offer interior design solutions to enhance the users wellbeing, using light, colour, sunlight, texture, smell, sound and space. And where appropriate create a ‘sense of belonging’ or community. We aim to incorporate and understand the needs of a growing ‘mature’ population and to use natural recyclable materials wherever possible.

Our design criteria is influenced on research interpreted through Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology.

‘Connection to nature wherever possible through planting / landscaping / water / natural daylight.

We also offer Change Management Support Services

  • Training / coaching to support new design and management model
  • Communicating the ‘brand’ & creating shared goals with staff / clients

Design with integrity lays the foundation for an authentic business model

sugar cane
autumn leaf

Created for companies, organisations & individuals who are looking to create spaces, which promote wellbeing, integrity, creativity and positive energy

We will be delighted to discuss any proposal, new venture or project …… or answer questions …… please go to main contact page.