Holistic Interior Design / Interior Architecture ….. designing for the 21st century

We offer interior design solutions to help you create building interiors and spaces which support wellbeing and incorporate holistic design principles where the end user needs are fully understood and integrated. 

Our design approach:

  • Healthy Wellbeing Principles
  • Humanistic / Transpersonal / Spiritual understanding
  • Connection with nature wherever possible
  • Harmony + balance
  • Fully Inclusive Design to reflect diversity of our society
  • Ethical Framework

As we move further into the 21st century there is a need for a 'shift of consciousness', into a more sustainable ethical centered business and design model, where people together with their wellbeing become an important focus. A re-integration of 'mind body + spirit,'.

……… ideal for meditative reflective spaces, retreats, offices, beauty, health and treatment venues, nursing homes, GP surgeries, hotels, spa, restaurants ………..

sugar cane
autumn leaf

Ecologically based interconnected ‘systems’ thinking for 21st century design solutions ……..  non linear thinking, transformative, flexible, yin yang, flowing, intuitive, supportive ……….

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